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Student Program

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As part of Business and Financial Strategic Initiatives, our mission is congruent with that of BFSI. The BFSI Student Program aims to proactively facilitate the successful and timely completion of projects, while developing skills, creating connections, and strengthening student interest and abilities in a variety of fields.

Our Process

BFSI aims to challenge student to work efficiently to develop a solid foundation and structure for future student workers through collaboration and innovation. We have developed a system that allows students to work in a collaborative work space that ensures project completion in a timely manner. The work environment demands constant growth and learning from both administrative personnel and students so that all projects can move forward. In doing so, we are able to accomplish our mission, as well as aid in the completion of the departmental goals. 

How we operate:

Our structure is founded on the same principles as those of BFSI - with effective project management at the core.

Responsibility Trust Communication

Assigning project leads allows for students to assume ownership of the project and their work. As leads for project, student not only want to meet those deadlines but submit quality work. 

Students rely on staff and each other for advice and mentorship, while staff rely on students for efficient completion of projects and tasks. Students have multiple venues of communication with each other and supervising staff in order to achieve effective and efficient results with each project assigned.

Benefits of this Process

Through this process, the students at BFSI:

  • are able to enlarge their skills set
  • get a better understanding of working in an environment that requires self motivation
  • gain the ability to work independently and in teams while completing all projects in a timely manner

Request Help

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