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Students & Our Skill Set

Web Assistance Data Administration Other

Web Design
Web Creation
Graphic Design

Data Collection
Data Analysis
Data Management
Spreadsheet Creation
& Management

Print Jobs
File Conversions &

Event Planning
Event Facilitation


Who We Have Worked With

Design + Construction
Physical & Environmental Planning
Division of Business & Adminsitrative Services
UC Merced United Way
UC Merced Communications
2020 Project

Our Student

Donato Frazier

Student Executive Intern

Donato Frazier is a senior and is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Management and Business Economics at UC Merced. He enjoys participating in student activities around campus, along with networking and meeting new people. He hopes to become a web content manager when he graduates. His strengths include webpage development, content management, project management, and all things technology based.



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