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Supply Chain Redesign

What is Supply Chain Redesign?

One criterion by which the relative importance of various business processes may be judged is their potential impact on relationships with external customers. Another criterion is the potential impact that re‐engineering the process might have on business results. It is suggested that on both of these counts “Supply Chain Redesign” should rank near the top of most organization's lists of re‐engineering initiatives. The concepts of process efficiency and process effectiveness are investigated by reference to the supply chain redesign experiences of a number of major corporations. The conclusion is drawn that process‐oriented supply chain redesign can lead to levels of intra‐enterprise and inter‐enterprise operational efficiency and effectiveness which have previously been unobtainable even in leading edge companies.

Many organizations are unclear about their business strategy: which mountain are we trying to climb, and why? It is crucial to find the best route to the top, translated into effective supply chains and communicated throughout the entire organization. Developing a strategic supply chain mindmap helps to identify obstacles and illustrate each discipline’s role in overcoming them. Completing this strategic and operational cycle periodically can help to ensure an operation’s success, both today and in the future.