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Project Work Streams



Downtown Campus Center Work-Streams: 


Going Paperless

Problem Statement:

Some of the departments moving into the DCC have large amounts of paper files, and/or are using paper processes that will make working in a more space constrained environment difficult.  Additionally, some departments moving to the DCC currently lack (or do not currently use) EDMS and/or electronic work flow systems. Many processes are paper based, inefficient, and lead to the accumulation of paper for which there is no storage capacity in the DCC.


Identify short term and long term solutions for paper file archival, storage and disposition.

Identify DCC processes that are in need of business process mapping, restructuring and/or paperless work-flow solutions. 

Determine the resources needed to implement short and long term solutions. 

Create a strategic plan for implementation.

Create special projects team to lead and perform the implementation



Problem Statement:

Technology hardware options are not standardized (screen size for example), and furniture layouts may not accommodate currently utilized hardware. Additionally, design requirements for IT/Phone infrastructure must be established to meet the technology needs of the DCC.


Develop and get approval for DCC/Campus technology standards

Address any outstanding infrastructure (phone/hardwire/wireless) design issues

Address technology for AV in conference, huddle and focus areas.


Alternative Work and Campus Workspace:


Hoteling, telecommuting, alternative work schedules


Furniture and Space Planning:

Problem Statement:

Open-floor plans may not be conductive to culture building without substantial input on design, furniture, layout etc. from occupants. There isn’t currently a strategy in place to govern or shape cultural norms, or provide culture building for the DCC population.  


Design neighborhoods and floor plans and develop team/culture interior design content

Address Ergonomics, furniture layouts, furniture selection, etc.

Create Mock Workstations:

Schedule DCC / Neighborhood Relationship Building Sessions:

Conduct DCC Tours: At critical (and safe) milestones during the construction process provide opportunities for staff to tour the space so they can get a feel for the environment and envision themselves working in the new space


Governance Team:

Problem Statement:

Employees will need an opportunity to meet each other and explore the new environment and culture as a cohesive group.  There is a need for a formal governance structure to establish and enforce community standards.


Develop a Staff Engagement Strategy

Develop Cultural Norms for DCC : Community Council, Campus community presence, Leadership presence


Communications Team:

Problem Statement:

There is not currently a plan or formalized program in place to communicate the details about the DCC project to campus or stakeholders


Develop Communications Program

Develop a Communication Strategy

 Deliver Messages via Managers:

Update and manage DCC Website

Conduct Regular Information Sessions

Create a Change Network


Operations Team

Problem Statement:

The current centralized model for administrative services (ATC) may not accommodate all DCC departments or needs.    


Develop the central service model for the DCC

Integrate all DCC departments into the ACT structure.


Downtown Training Team:

Problem Statement:

The current centralized model for administrative services (ATC) may not accommodate all DCC departments or needs.    


Create Training Programs to Support Transition to DCC

Technology/ New Technology


Workplace Culture

Conduct training about new aspects of the open work environment including social norms, noise levels, use of communal space, etc. 

Managing in a New Environment


Alternative Work and Campus Workspace Options Team:

Problem Statement:

Current adoption rates for AWS are not optimal for activity based space programming. There is not currently adequate hoteling space on campus for off-campus staff visitors.     


Create On-Campus Mobility Space

Expand and Promote AWS Programs


Transportation, Parking and Safety:

Problem Statement:

Being physically separated from campus, parking and transportation to and from campus for administrative staff needs to be addressed. Additionally, staff have concerns about safety in the downtown Merced area.       


Assess parking and transportation requirements for the DCC

Create a parking and transportation plan for the DCC 

Assess safety needs, and provide a comprehensive plan to address concerns